The Alumina Chloride PLOT for the Analysis of Freons

Reporter EU Volume 11

Traditionally, the analysis of Freon® has been done by packed column GC. However, the limited availability of packings able to do this application has created a problem. Alumina PLOT columns provide a better alternative to traditional packings, including the popular Fluorcol materials, for the analysis of Freon gases. Alumina PLOT columns are prepared using sub-micron, granular activated alumina (aluminum oxide). The polarity of the aluminum oxide provides a unique selectivity, for example, eluting small, unsaturated hydrocarbons after larger (or similar molecular sized) saturated hydrocarbons.

Figure A illustrates the separation of a typical Freon mixture on the Alumina chloride PLOT column. The column exhibits peak shape and resolution that is superior to the same application on Fluorcol packing. In addition, the polarity/selectivity of this column allows for the separation of the Freon 114 and 114a impurity.

Figure A Separation of Freons on the 50m x 0.53mm ID Alumina Chloride PLOT column (28329-U)

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