GC Performance Tip: Capillary GC Column Installation

Have you ever installed a GC column only to have it slip down into the ferrule once you tighten down on the column nut? Many times, you will not discover this until the first analytical run when you see tailing peaks or poor response. To guarantee you have maintained the proper column position during installation, try using a Thermogreen® LB-2 septum to hold the column nut in a fixed position.

It works like this…when installing your column, insert the injector end of the column through the septum. Next, slip the column nut and ferrule over the end. The septum will act as a “shelf” for the column nut to rest on. Make a clean, square cut on the end of the column and then slide the septum so that the column nut and ferrule are in the proper position as specified by your GC manufacturer.

When installing the column in the inlet and tightening down, hold the column by the septum. This will keep the column from slipping down into the ferrule during the installation process and ensure the proper column installation.

For more information, view our Maximize Performance Brochure (T407103).

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