High Efficiency Extractions Using Empore Solid Phase Extraction Products

By: Michael Monko, Reporter US Volume 28.4

Michael Monko

Empore® membrane Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) technology is made up of SPE particles tightly enmeshed within a network of inert PTFE fibrils. This fabrication process results in a highly dense and uniform extraction medium that offers distinct advantages over traditional sorbent/packed-bed SPE products. These advantages include smaller bed weights, shorter analyte to pore diffusion paths, and more efficient extractions. Reduced SPE bed mass directly affects the volume of elution solvent necessary to efficiently desorb your analytes of interest. The lower the bed weight, the less solvent required. This presents some advantages; such as minimizing eluate evaporation time or allowing the direct injection of the SPE eluate. The dense and uniform extraction medium also minimizes channeling and voiding in the sorbent bed. This results in efficient mass-transfer kinetics and faster flow rates, and also eliminates SPE fines, thereby improving HPLC column and instrument life. These features and advantages allow a user to save both time and money, using Empore products for routine SPE cleanup.

Figure 1. Microscopic View of Empore SPE Disks
Empore SPE disks made up of 90% SPE particles and 10% PTFE, (by weight)

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