High-Efficiency Ion-Exchange Separations of Proteins and Peptides on Discovery BIO PolyMA

By: Hillel Brandes, Reporter US Volume 28.3

Polymethacrylate polymer-based Discovery BIO PolyMA cation-exchange and anion-exchange columns provide efficient separation of proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules

Hillel Brandes hillel.brandes@sial.com

Discovery BIO PolyMA polymer-based ion-exchange particles have discriminating hydrophilic surface chemistry making them ideally suited for separating proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules. Two ion-exchangers, Discovery BIO PolyMA-SCX for cation-exchange, and Discovery BIO PolyMA-WAX for anionexchange, complement the Discovery BIO and Ascentis Express Peptide silica-based materials.

The unique hydrophilic surface chemistry of Discovery PolyMA particles offers subtle ionic selectivity characteristics that are not available from the typical polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB) and standard polymethacrylate based ion-exchange resins. In contrast to silica-based packings, Discovery BIO PolyMA is resistant to chemical degradation at acidic and basic pH extremes. Significant Discovery BIO PolyMA features and benefits include:

  • Excellent separations of peptides and proteins, even protein isoforms
  • Optimal pore diameter allows full access to small peptides and very large proteins and protein aggregates
  • High resolution at low sample load
  • Hydrophilic surface eliminates protein adsorption for quantitative recovery
  • High efficiency
  • Wide pH range
  • Excellent balance of protein capacity and recovery
  • Long column lifetime
  • High column reproducibility

For most applications, Discovery BIO PolyMA columns provide higher efficiency (Figure 1) and better recovery (Table 1) than competitive columns.

Figure 1. Comparison of Efficiency: Cytochrome c Variants (59601-U)

Table 1. Comparison of Fibrogen Recovery (F-4753)

For more information on Discovery BIO PolyMA, request MQC on the attached postcard or see our complete Discovery BIO line at sigma-aldrich.com/discovery

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