Maximum Sample Recovery with MRQ30 CD™ Vials

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The MRQ30 CD vial is a recent addition to our popular line of CD vials. These 1.2 mL vials are made in the USA of Type 1, Class A borosilicate glass. The precision-formed center well allows maximum sample recovery; with as little as 2 μL of sample remaining in the vial after sample withdrawal.

Work done in our laboratories demonstrates the utility of these vials. We reliably get three 5 μL injections from 20 μL of sample while doing LC-MS analysis. Additionally, our testing shows the MRQ30 CD vials to be comparable to other certified clean vials for LC-MS detectable bleed. Finally, these vials are excellent for use with immersion SPME. Covering a 1 cm SPME fiber in a normal 2 mL autosampler vial requires at least 1 mL of sample. In a MRQ30 CD vial only 200 μL is required.

MRQ30 CD vial kits contain 12 x 32 mm wide-mouth vials and blue QuikCap™ threaded caps with bonded TEF/silicone pre-slit septa.

Benefits of MRQ30 CD vial kits are:

  • No inserts required
  • Vial design allows for maximum recovery of samples with residual dead volume as low as 2 μ
  • Wide-mouth opening has large target area reducing the possibility of bent needles
  • Compatible with most autosamplers
  • Ideal for immersion SPME sampling
  • Clean enough for LC-MS analysis

MRQ30 CD vials for microsampling compliment the already extensive line of chromatography vials and accessories being offered by Supelco Analytical. For more information on these or any other products, email our Technical Service Department at or visit

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