Micro Volume Vial Inserts

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Micro volume vial inserts, when used in conjunction with 12 x 32 mm autosampler vials, allow for maximum sample recovery and easier sample removal. This is because their conical shape decreases the surface area inside the vial. Micro volume vial inserts can be used with screw top, crimp top, or snap top vials. They are available in glass and polypropylene. Glass is the traditional choice. However, polypropylene inserts are recommended for pH-sensitive samples, greater solvent compatibility, biological samples, and ionic samples because of the material’s inertness. There are three styles of inserts available: conical, conical with spring, and shell style (Figure 1). Conical inserts are available with or without springs. The plastic spring acts as a shock absorber, minimizing damage to the autosampler needle. Further, the conical insert with spring raises the sample up inside the vial during needle penetration, which maximizes sample recovery. Shell style inserts are the most economical inserts available, and they provide a larger sample capacity (up to 350 μL) than conical inserts. However, their fl at bottom design yields less effi cient sample recovery than a conical insert. All conical styles of inserts are offered with the traditional pulled point as well as the improved mandrel point. Pulled point inserts are more economical, but mandrel point inserts provide a more pointed and uniform tip that enables better sample recovery (Figure 2). Sigma-Aldrich offers a wide selection of vial inserts as well as technical support to help you choose the best style and material for your applications. For help with product selection, please contact our Technical Service group by email at techservice@sial.com, or visit us on the Web at sigma-aldrich.com/vials.

Figure 1. Mandrel Point vs. Pulled Point

Figure 2. Vial Insert Styles

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