SGE Slim Line Syringes for CTC/Leap Autosamplers

Reporter US Volume 27.4

A gas chromatograph (GC) autosampler syringe serves as the interface between the sample and the instrument; compatibility is critical for rapid and precise sampling. The wrong sized syringe can lead to inconsistent results and, more seriously, can damage the instrument. Syringes also must deliver accurate amounts with no-dead volume or carryover between injections.

Sigma-Aldrich has introduced a new line of GC autosampler syringes from SGE™ that are made to be used with CTC CombiPAL™ and GC PAL autosamplers. SGE Slim Line syringes are designed with a unique plunger that eliminates bending and seizing and are tested to ensure optimal fit within autosampler specifications. The cone tip point style of the needle withstands multiple and fast septum injections, making it one of the most trouble-free autosampler syringes available.

When used with CombiPAL and GC PAL autosamplers, these syringes are installed into a syringe holder designed to accommodate the outside diameter of the syringe barrel.

SGE Slim Line autosampler syringes are available with both fixed and removable needle with the following specifications:

  • Volumes from 0.5 to 100 μL
  • Needle length of 50 mm
  • Point style 1 (cone tip)
  • Two gauge sizes: 23 (0.63 mm) and 26 (0.47 mm) O.D.

For more information on any of our syringes, email our Technical Service Department at or visit us on the web at

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