Supel-Select HLB Solid Phase Extraction

By: Michael Monko, Reporter US Volume 28.4

Michael Monko

Supelco Supel-Select HLB SPE is a hydrophilic modified styrenebased polymer developed for the solid phase extraction of a broad range of compounds from aqueous samples. The polymer is available in standard SPE cartridge format as well as 96-well plates. The retention mechanism is based primarily on reversedphase; however, because the polymer is hydrophilic modified it is also appropriate for more polar compounds. This dual selectivity creates a Hydrophobic Lipophilic Balance (HLB). It’s this broad selectivity that allows Supel-Select HLB to be used in generic methods for a wide variety of analytes. For most applications, Supel-Select HLB is amenable to generic methodology with minimal effort required to optimize recovery, selectivity, and reproducibility (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Generic Method for Supel-Select HLB

As more assays require greater sensitivity, the need for cleaner SPE sorbents becomes a much higher priority. Supel-Select HLB is also quality controlled for both LC-UV and LC-MS extractables. This stringent quality control ensures optimum performance year-to-year, lot-to-lot, and tube-to-tube. We test each and every lot of Supel-Select HLB for analyte recovery, LC-MS & LC-UV cleanliness, particle size, density, pore size, and pore volume. These and other features of Supel-Select HLB result in many benefits; including saving time, money, and headache during method development and routine analysis (Table 1). These benefits ultimately allow for greater savings without sacrificing the performance or quality of your SPE methods.

Table 1. GRO-Like Analysis (Purge and Trap)

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