SuperClean™ Purifiers, Base-Plate Design

By: Robert F. Wallace, Reporter US Volume 25.3

Robert F. Wallace


Contaminants such as water and oxygen can enter carrier or other gas streams, adversely affecting the performance of a gas chromatographic system. UHPgrade gas normally contains less than 10 ppm of moisture and oxygen. Even though these concentration levels are normal, they can be detrimental to a GC system (especially the chromatographic column). To prevent damage and interference caused by contaminants, most manufacturers of gas chromatographs and ultra sensitive detectors recommend purification of all gases.

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Super Clean Purifiers, Base-Plate Design

Super Clean purifiers’ fast-connect technology allows today’s chemist to change purifiers within seconds without disrupting the analytical performance of the gas chromatographic system. These purifiers do not connect directly into the gas line like a typical inline purifier, but onto a specially designed base-plate, allowing installation without the use of tools. The unique diffusion-proof glass/metal purifiers will purify delicate carrier, fuel, and other gases for GC and GC-MS systems.

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Super Clean High Flow Purifiers

Super Clean high flow purifiers, a new revolution in clean gas purifiers, allow purification of gas at flows up to 20 L/min. The two-position baseplate incorporates 1/4 inch fittings to handle these high flows. An integrated particle filter on the upstream fitting ensures that the incoming gas stream is free of damaging dust. The diffusion-proof, fully glass/metal purifiers are arranged in parallel on the base-plate, doubling the adsorbent material the gas must pass through. Two kits are available. The hydrocarbon kit is recommended for the purification of nitrogen going to the MS component in LC-MS systems. The moisture kit is recommended for the purification of hydrogen or zero air going to FIDs.

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Advantages of Super Clean Base-Plate Purifiers

Purifier replacement with the Super Clean base-plate design is quick and easy when compared to traditional inline purifiers. The base-plate can be wall or table mounted for convenient positioning near the chromatograph. Regardless of how the base-plate is mounted, it requires far less valuable bench space than an inline design purifier. Features/benefits include:

  • Specially designed base-plate has needle valves that instantly close to provide a diffusion-proof seal when the purifier is removed during change out
  • Purifier replacement can be performed in seconds without exposing the gas lines to room air
  • At 2 L/min. or less, these purifiers remove contaminants to produce better than 6.0 gas quality (99.9999% pure), independent of the purity of the incoming gas

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Carrier gas purifiers are one of the safest ways to help prevent the lowest level of carrier gas contamination from entering the system. Super Clean purifiers, with their singleor multi-bed configurations, help to ensure the maximum protection for the system and longer lasting column life.

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