Hartwig Nickel Precatalysts


Suzuki-Miyuara couplings have been widely commonplace in the formation of C-C bonds, in particular the coupling between two heteroaryl compounds. For the most part, palladium has been the dominant choice of metal catalyst to carrying out cross-coupling reactions between heteroaryl boronic acids and heteroaryl halides. Nickel catalysts also possess the ability to mediate Suzuki-Miyuara couplings, however have been less often reported mainly due to lack of scope and high catalyst loadings. Sigma-Aldrich now provides two new single-component, Ni-catalysts (L511706 and L511714) which effectively catalyze the formation of heteroaryls from a wide scope of various N, O and S containing boronic acids and heteroaryl halides.


Unlike most Nickel and Palladium sources, Ni-catalysts L511706 and L511714 both are stable to both air and moisture. These catalysts possess high catalytic activity (less than 1 mol %) without any added ligand and are not poisoned by the presence of N, O or S. Possibly the most important problem these single-component complexes solve, is the issue with protodeborylation that occurs from Suzuki-Miyuara couplings of heteroaryl boronic acids. A minimal amount of protodeborylation is observed in a wide range of examples shown in the report by Hartwig and coworkers.1

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