Consumer Beverage Trends - From Flavor Preferences to Health Benefits

The beverage market continues to evolve as consumers are looking to get more out of their beverages. From new and interesting flavors to increased functionality, we review some of the trends happening in the beverage market.

Flavor Preferences to Health Benefits


The flavored water market continues to gain momentum as more consumers are looking for substitutes to juices and soda. Comax Flavors did a study on flavored water and found that the number one driver for purchase is which flavor to choose. A few popular flavors that consumers look for are lemonade, tropical and citrus with berry flavored water being the most consumed.

The beverage market as a whole is being impacted by consumers looking for healthier options. In addition to buying flavored water or adding their own flavors, consumers are looking for enhancements like protein, energy, electrolytes, and minerals. Plant-based water has also increased in popularity. Where we see the most impact in plant-based beverages is in the milk category. Packaged Facts found that the primary growth in this area is due to consumers who are looking to cut back on animal-based beverages. This category kicked off with the acceptance of soy and almond milk. A few new categories to look for in 2018 are barley, flax, pea, quinoa and hemp milk.

Other categories to watch for in 2018 are veggie-based beverages. Consumers are looking for savory drinks with smokey notes being popular. Coffee and Tea will be interesting to watch. Consumers are looking for these categories to be combined with a health function. Cold brews will continue to be popular and cascara, sencha and kombucha are ingredients to watch.

Imbibe predicts that the top 2018 ingredients for beverages will contain cognitive, immune health and beauty claims.

Cheers to a flavorful 2018!