Quick Start Plasmid Vector Guide

Use this handy guide to get started on your cloning reactions FAST!

Handling the DNA

SnapFast™ Vectors are supplied in solution as 5µg plasmid DNA in TE buffer, at ambient temperature. If you are not ready to use your DNA right away, store this in the -20 °C for long-term storage, or the 4 °C for short-term storage.

Generate More Plasmid Stock

While the DNA you receive is of high-quality and at a good concentration, you should not use this directly for transfection or as a transfection control. You should first generate more vector stocks so you will not run out before your experiments are complete. For detailed protocols on transformation, microbial culture and plasmid purification, see the Cloning Manual provided by Oxford Genetics.

Access Required Documentation

If you need the plasmid map, complete sequence, or other documentation and protocols, find them on the Product Catalog Pages – see the tab labeled “Protocols & Articles”. In addition, there is a link to the product MSDS (in your language), and the link to the COA on Oxford Genetics’ website.

Cloning Strategy & Applicable Cloning Technologies

The many benefits of the SnapFast™ system provide you with flexibility in your cloning strategy. SnapFast™ vectors work well with a variety of cloning technologies, including: standard cloning, LIC, InFusionHD, Gibson Assembly, and Seamless GeneArt™.


More Detailed information

This Quick Start Plasmid Vector Guide is meant for researchers experienced with molecular cloning. If you need more help, we have detailed protocols every step of the way. The FREE Cloning Manual linked to every Product Catalog Page has kindly been provided by Oxford Genetics. If you require further assistance, please contact technical support.