Mycoplasma PCR ELISA Protocol

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Mycoplasma PCR ELISA –determination of lysed Mycoplasma

Dead Mycoplasma that have been lysed will have degraded DNA, so it is likely that only live Mycoplasma with intact DNA will be detected.

Interupting the Mycoplasma PCR ELISA

The Mycoplasma PCR ELISA can be interrupted after the following steps:
After the PCR reaction, the reaction tube containing PCR product can be stored overnight at +4 °C or for several weeks at -20 °C.
After hybridization of the PCR product to the capture oligo. The reaction tube can be stored at +4 °C.

Reading range for controls in Mycoplasma PCR ELISA

At 405 nm, the following reading range can be recommended:
Positive controls: 1.2 OD or higher. If the value for the positive control is less than 1.2 OD, the experiment should be repeated.
Negative controls: 0-0.25 OD. If the value for the negative control is more than 0.25 OD, the experiment should be repeated.
Mycoplasma: species differentiation

Due to the generic PCR primers used in the Mycoplasma PCR ELISA Kit, it is not possible to differentiate Mycoplasma species. Differentiation of the four most common Mycoplasma species can be done using Roche 's Mycoplasma Detection Kit (Cat. No. 11296744001).


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