Sunbag Vessels – Plant Tissue Culture Protocol

Sunbag (Product No. B7026)

The Sunbag offered by Sigma was originally developed for the culture of mushrooms, but may be adapted for the culture of microshoots. The bag has a thickness of 55 5m and measures 320 x 450 mm. This is a gusset bag with a square bottom, so it stands upright. The bag has a 0.3 5m membrane measuring 36 x 36 mm, which allows for gas exchange. To use the bag for plant cell culture, fill the bottom of the bag with an appropriate amount of medium (e.g. 500-1000 ml). Fold over the top of the bag and hold in place with either a paper clip or clothespin. Autoclave the media in the bag and then allow to cool on a flat surface. DO NOT AUTOCLAVE BAGS WITHOUT MEDIA AS THEY WILL HARDEN AND BE UNUSABLE. Once the media has solidified, the bag can be opened under sterile conditions and the explants placed on the culture media. The bag is then resealed using clothespins or paper clips or sealed with a plastic heat sealer.