User Guide Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser


The Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser is designed to spray a concentrated jet of ultraclean solvent or rinse solution on surfaces for high pressure cleaning/rinsing. This user guide lists the components of the Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser and describes how to assemble them and attach the solvent dispenser to a dispensing pressure vessel.

Components of Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser

Assembling the Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser

  1. Wrap polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape around threads of fittings on filter holder, jet nozzle, and tubing.
  2. Screw tubing adapter into bottom port of handle/valve assembly.
  3. Screw filter holder into remaining port of handle/valve assembly.
  4. Screw jet nozzle into filter holder.
  5. Install filter in filter holder as described in user guide supplied with filter holder.

NOTE: Due to the direction of flow in the solvent dispenser, it is not feasible to use an additional depth type prefilter within the O-ring inner diameter.

Attaching the Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser to a Dispensing Pressure Vessel

To attach the Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser to a Dispensing Pressure Vessel, the following additional products are required:

  • Dispensing Pressure Vessel (cat. no. XX6700P05, XX6700P10, XX6700P20, or XX6700P01)
  • Dispensing Pressure Vessel Fitting Kit (cat. no. XX67000PK)

NOTE: XX67000PK components listed below can be purchased separately. Refer to Product Ordering Information for catalogue numbers. Items f and g are required; other Dispensing Pressure Vessel Fitting Kit items are optional.

  1. Assemble the Dispensing Pressure Vessel components as indicated in the user guide.
  2. Assemble the Dispensing Pressure Vessel fitting components as indicated in the user guide, except do not install a quick-disconnect nipple and coupling (j) and tubing adapter (k) on the fitting assembly attached to the pressure vessel outlet port.
  3. Instead, attach the free end of the Filterjet™ tubing to the ball valve (i) on the outlet port.

Dispensing Pressure Vessel Items a–e, inside dashed outline,Cat. nos. XX6700P05, XX6700P10,XX6700P20, or XX6700P01 Dispensing Pressure Vessel Fitting Kit, Items f–k, outside dashed outline, Cat. no. XX67000PK Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser
Items l–o, upper right Cat. no. XX6702500
a outlet dip-tube f vent/relief valve (required) l handle/valve assembly
b pipe plug g pressure gauge (required) m filter holder
c elbow h hex nipple n jet nozzle
d vessel cover i ball valve o tubing
e O-ring j quick-disconnect nipple    
    k tubing adapter    

Rules for Safe Operation

  • The high pressure fluid dispensed by the Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser can cause injury. Never aim the solvent dispenser at yourself or another person.
  • To prevent accidental discharge, use the trigger-lock feature when the solvent dispenser is not in use.
  • Consult appropriate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when working with potentially hazardous chemicals.
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate for the fluid being dispensed.
  • Apply grounding and/or bonding measures appropriate for the fluid being dispensed.
  • Before use, make sure that all connections are secure.

Using the Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser

  1. Close the trigger-lock knob by turning it fully clockwise.
  2. Pressurize the dispensing pressure vessel.

 WARNING: Do not exceed 3.4 bar (50 psi).

  1. Release the trigger-lock by turning the knob fully counter-clockwise.
  2. Squeeze the trigger handle to spray.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After use, purge tubing and solvent dispenser of fluid. Remove jet nozzle. Disassemble and clean the filter holder components and jet nozzle as indicated in the supplied filter holder user guide.

If leakage occurs from handle/valve assembly, replace the PTFE valve seat (item 3) and PTFE cup packing (item 7) using replacement kit XX6702502.


Maximum inlet pressure 3.4 bar (50 psi)
Filter diameter 25 mm
Tubing adapter 1/4 in. tubing to 1/4 in. national pipe thread (NPT) male
Dimensions Nozzle tip to end of dispenser handle: approximately 22.9 cm (9 in.)
Tubing: 1/4 in. outer diameter (OD) x 1.8 m (6 ft)
Weight 696.4 g (1.5 lb)
Materials of construction Filter holder Inlet head and outlet body: 304 stainless steel
Filter support screens: 316 stainless steel
Locking nut: anodized aluminum
Locking nut washer: PTFE
O-ring: fluoroelastome
Jet nozzle  Stainless Steel
Handle/valve assembly Nylon-coated aluminum, nickel-plated steel, stainless steel
Valve seat: stainless steel / carbon-filled PTFE
Cup packing: PTFE
Tubing Polyethylene with stainless steel adapters, Tygon® tubing sleeve

Statement Regarding Compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive, 97/23/EC

MM Corporation certifies that this product complies with the European Pressure Equipment Directive, 97/23/EC of 29 May 1997. This product is classified under Article 3 § 3 of the Pressure Equipment Directive. It has been designed and manufactured in accordance with sound engineering practices to ensure safe use. The product is accompanied by user instructions and bears markings to permit identification of MM Corporation as the manufacturer or authorized representative of this product within the European Community. In compliance with Article 3 § 3 of the Pressure Equipment Directive, this product does not bear the CE mark.


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