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Download the latest of our free mobile apps featuring tools designed to enhance your laboratory experience like special interest focused apps such as Microscopy. As you try our apps, please take a moment to submit a rating or contact us to let us know what you think and what else you would like to see.


Whether you are searching for staining solutions for bacteriology, cytology, hematology or histology, you will discover in this app our extensive range.

Available as a free app for tablets and web browsers:
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  MQuant® StripScan

MQuant® StripScan: The simplest way to determine pH or concentrations of chemicals in aqueous solutions. This easy-to-use mobile analytical detection system provides reliable quantification of water, food & beverage samples for customers from research, industry, environment and diagnostics. Read out your MQuant® test strips with this digital analysis tool for accurate results and effortless data management. Quick, easy and reliable – MQuant® StripScan does the color analysis for you. Let the app guide you through the measurement process and receive automated readouts, with convenient visualization of your results..

Available as a free app for tablets and web browsers:

BrightLab is a cloud-based research platform that connects people, projects, consumables and equipment to optimize workflow and accelerate discovery.

The companion mobile app allows you to manage your inventory, from anywhere. Scan barcodes to automatically deduct materials used in your experiments, or request new orders of materials that are running low.

Available as a free app for iOS, Android, and web. Subscription fees may apply.