United Kingdom

Customer Declaration Forms

Certain products or customers require end user declarations to be completed before we can proceed with your order. All forms are listed below, please click on the relevant form as advised by our Customer Services Team and return to us along with a copy of your order as described within the body of the form. Please fax to 01747 833569.

Form A Customer Declaration of Specific Use(s) of the Scheduled Category 1 or 2 Substances
Form D End User Statement
Form E End User Information
Form G GMO IRMM Certified Reference Material Destination Information
Form H Ozone Depletor End User Statement
Form J Home Office Licence - Detailed end user statement in accordance with Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001
Form K End User Information
Form L End User Information
Form N GMO Centre Registration Information
Form R Software Registration Form for Aldrich
Form U End User Statement