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Frequently Asked Questions about Our e-commerce Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sigma-Aldrich’s
e-commerce capabilities?

Sigma-Aldrich® offers various solutions that accommodate B2B/ERP platforms, "custom" Web sites, EDI, catalog files and electronic invoicing.

What efficiencies can be gained by implementing an Electronic Solution with Sigma-Aldrich?
  • Streamlined ordering process
  • Reduce paper transactions
  • Time savings
  • Order tracking
  • Product availability and contract pricing
  • Reduce error rates
  Does the Sigma-Aldrich Web site support workflow-approval processes?
Our customized PIPELINE® solution will support workflow based on various transaction levels.

What support is available for implementing an e-solution?
You will have a dedicated analyst available for pre- and post-implementation, who will help you seamlessly manage the process.

With what systems does
Sigma-Aldrich integrate?
Sigma-Aldrich will evaluate any integration request and assess if we are able to integrate with the
  technology used. We currently use the following technologies for integration: cXML, XCBL, OAG, OCI, SAP, iDOC XML, EDI, and custom XML(s).
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