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Whatever your purchasing needs, Sigma-Aldrich.com has an online solution for you. Real-time product availability. Current order status. Total delivered price. The e-Commerce solution at sigma-aldrich.com truly integrates the over 200,000 products available from Sigma-Aldrich®. This solution is personalized to research, order and deliver the tools you need. From convenient ordering profiles to the assurance of a secured transaction, this is the most comprehensive, real-time e-Commerce resource in the industry.

Capabilities and Programs

Ordering on Sigma-Aldrich.com

Place orders and request quotes on-line with confidence. Our site is registered with Verisign™ and all transactions on our site are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Your information is kept private and confidential in keeping with our privacy policy. The site is loaded with features allowing you to easily find and order products to meet your research needs. Some of these features include:

Multiple product search options
Real-time product availability
Account specific pricing
Favorite product lists
Total delivered price
Multiple payment options
Immediate and complete order confirmations
Shipment and delivery tracking for all your orders

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PIPELINE® Hosted Procurement

The flexible ordering process can be customized to meet the business needs of your organization. PIPELINE supports various levels of procurement authorization, as well as a configurable approval process. With its direct connection to our internal order processing and fulfillment system, PIPELINE provides you with up to date pricing specific to your organization and real-time product availability. When you create your order, you will see the exact order total, including transportation and handling charges. PIPELINE also provides a portal to customized information and special offers, tailored specifically to your organization. Click here to be contacted by our eCommerce team to discuss your particular needs.

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B2B Solutions

Leverage your investment in procurement optimization. If you have already implemented a spend management solution, it is highly likely that you can automate your purchases for Sigma-Aldrich products. We have successfully integrated with many procurement applications including, but not limited to the following.

ARIBA SAP sciQuest
Perfect Commerce Oracle

Access product information either through electronic catalogs hosted in your environment or, better yet, implement punchout direct to our site enabling your researchers to access the most comprehensive scientific product information available online. Take advantage of technology to streamline your internal processes by automating the delivery of purchase orders to Sigma-Aldrich. Reduce internal cost and the burden on your accounts payable staff by receiving invoices electronically rather than paper. Click here to be contacted by our eCommerce team to discuss your particular needs.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Whether you are in North America using ANSI X.12 or in Europe using EDIFACT, if your business automation solution is EDI, Sigma-Aldrich is ready for you. We can transact purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgements, shipment notifications and invoices in a variety of versions.
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PIPELINE is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC.