Installing an SPME Fiber

SPME fibers are easily installed or replaced in the SPME holder. The fiber assemblies are color-coded to signify the polymer coating on the fiber, and contain threads to screw into the holder barrel.

To attach the SPME fiber assembly to the manual holder, simply remove the black depth guide rotating it counterclockwise until it’s free. Remove the locknut by holding the base of the barrel and twisting the nut counterclockwise until it is removed from the barrel. Push the holder plunger down through the Z-slot until it stops. The threaded fiber assembly is screwed into the barrel of the holder by inserting the thread end into the plunger and rotating it clockwise until it is snug.

Pull the plunger back through the Z-slot again to pull the assembly into the barrel. Reattach the locknut in the reverse order by threading it over the needle and clockwise, twisting it until snug. Note the color-coded fiber hub can be seen through the opening on the barrel. Attach the depth guide by inserting the needle through the hole in the depth guide and screwing it onto the barrel. Set the depth guide by aligning the lower edge of the guide to the desired setting on the Vernier setting on the side of the barrel.

The auto sampler holder is similar to the manual holder, minus the black depth guide. However, the auto sampler fiber assemblies also do not contain a spring and are attached to the holder barrel in a similar manner to the manual holder.


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