SPME Fiber Reusability

SPME fibers can be reused for up to 100 analyses or more, depending on the application and the care that they are given. During the automation process, each sample is extracted individually while the integrity of the fibers is maintained by conditioning with heat before and after every analysis to eliminate background interference or sample carryover. With a clean fiber, continuous sampling with the same fiber is possible with minimal carryover from sample to sample.

The new metal fibers are virtually unbreakable and can easily be used for over 350 injections during autosampler use. The flexibility of the metal alloy withstands the rigors of agitation during the automation process. The metal fibers are made from an inert metal alloy rod shielded by a flexible metal needle. They maintain their shape, ensuring flawless injections into the gas chromatograph during the automation process. The inertness and flexibility allows these fibers to be reused during the automation process without failure or sample loss. When conducting multiple analyses with an autosampler, consider using the new metal fibers for extended fiber life and enhanced performance.





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