Getting Started with SPME

SPME is very inexpensive to begin to use and is reusable for multiple extractions. The SPME process requires an SPME fiber assembly, holder, and a .75mm ID SPME inlet liner. There are three types of SPME holders: manual holder for SPME method development, automated holders are available for a variety of autosamplers, and the portable field sampler is used for offsite or remote sampling.

A starter pack of three different SPME fibers is recommended to evaluate the proper fiber for your sample. The starter pack contains both polar and non-polar coated fibers, as indicated by hub color. To optimize the GC analysis, use a .75mm ID SPME inlet liner and the Merlin Microseal, shown in the foreground, to replace the septum in the injection port.

Different size vials are also available, which match the vial puck that comes with the sampling stand. The SPME sampling stand is ideal for proper support of the SPME holder and the stirring hotplate for control of temperature and agitation of the sample.





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