Manual SPME Sampling

Beginners should consider first using a manual SPME fiber and holder. The manual system allows the analyst to optimize the extraction process by evaluating different fibers and extraction conditions in a consistent manner. Begin the extraction process by placing the sample into the vial puck on the hotplate.

The vial puck allows users to easily index the vial to begin sample agitation. Insert the holder into the sampling stand, passing the needle through the septum that seals the sample vial. Depress the plunger down to expose the fiber to the sample liquid or headspace above the sample.

Start the timing of exposure of the SPME fiber for reproducible extractions. After a predetermined time, the SPME fiber is retracted into the protective needle and transferred to the GC for analysis. Inject the SPME fiber into the GC injection port, where the collected organics are quickly transferred to the GC column by heating the fiber.

After the thermal transfer of analytes is completed, the fiber is removed and inserted in the next sample vial for extraction.


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