Portable SPME Field Sampler

The lightweight SPME portable field sampler contains the SPME fiber secured inside of a protective needle.

The needle is exposed by pushing the plunger in until locking it into one of the slots. Release the plunger by removing the retaining plug and storing it on the end of the plunger. Press the plunger in to expose the SPME fiber. After sampling, retract the fiber and needle, securing them with the retaining plug. During sampling in the field, the field sampler allows the analyst to position the SPME fiber close to the sample matrix.

The organics collected on the SPME fiber are injected into the injection port of a gas chromatograph using the same procedure used during sampling. Portability provides quick turnaround analysis for rapid decision-making. Also it offers the researcher an economical and reliable way of concentrating, storing, and transporting samples from any remote location.





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