GenElute™ PCR Clean-Up procedure

Product No. NA1020


The GenElute™ PCR Clean-up Kit is designed for rapid purification of single-stranded or double-stranded PCR amplification products (100 bp to 10 kb) from other components in the reaction, such as excess primers, nucleotides, DNA polymerase, oil and salts. DNA purification is achieved in a few easy steps. Purified DNA can be used in enzymatic reactions, conventional or automated sequencing, cloning and microarray analysis.

  • Starting Amount - 100 µL or 10 µg of DNA
  • Yield - Recovers up to 95% of PCR fragments between 100 bp to 10 kb
  • Speed - Purify up to 100 µL or 10 µg of PCR amplified DNA in 5 minutes
  • Flexible - DNA concentrated in 50 µL of buffer
  • Economic - 40% more purifications than market leader