Webinar: The Modern Catalysis: Academic Discovery to Industrial Application

Palladium precatalysts are becoming critical components in a robust high-throughput screening platform. The Modern Catalysis: Academic Discovery to Industrial Application webinar has brought together a panel of experts to review the latest catalytic technology from the Buchwald lab and how transformational screening methods developed being developed by a leading pharma process group.

What will you learn?

  • Enhance your knowledge of palladium technology from the academic leader in the field.
  • Discover a robust chemical screening platform developed by a prominent pharma process chemistry group.
  • Learn about new commercially available solutions


Professor Stephen L. Buchwald
Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ligands and Precatalysts for Pd-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions





Dr. Spencer D. Dreher
Principal Scientist, Process Chemistry
Merck and Co.

High-Throughput Catalytic Experimentation to Speed Drug Discovery





Dr. Sarah L.J. Trice
Global Catalysis Portfolio Lead

Introduction to KitAlysis™ High-Throughput Screening Kits