Proper Set Up and Cleaning of the Dispensette® S Bottetop Dispenser

Dispensette S Set Up

This video describes the proper set up of the Dispensette® S bottletop dispenser. Dispenser models and corresponding bottle adapters are available for most laboratory reagents. The video describes how to attach the Dispensette® S to a bottle, how to use the Dispensette® S for dispensing liquids, and how to set the desired volume.

Dispensette S Cleaning

This video describes the proper cleaning procedure for Dispensette® S, Dispensette S Organic Analog and digital, easy calibration versions of bottletop dispensers – except for Dispensette® S Trace Analysis. The video describes how to remove the dispenser from the reagent bottle and attach it to an empty bottle; how to discharge the remaining reagent and rinse the dispenser with a cleaning solution; and, finally, how to disassemble the instrument to clean the piston and the cylinder.