Live Cell Imaging of β-Actin Cytoskeleton Proteins using LentiBrite™ Fluorescent Biosensors

U2OS cells were plated in a chamber slide and transduced with LentiBrite™ GFP-β-actin lentiviral particles at an MOI of 20 for 24 hours. After media replacement and an additional 48 hours of further incubation, the cells were treated with 2 µM cytochalasin-D for another 2 hours, to induce actin depolymerization. The GFP- β -actin displays a filamentous distribution in the untreated cells, and upon actin depolymerization, adopts a punctate distribution. LentiBrite™ Lentiviral Biosensors are a new suite of pre-packaged lentiviral particles encoding important and foundational proteins of autophagy, apoptosis, and cell structure for visualization under different cell/disease states in live cell and in vitro analysis.