Making it Easier to Detect Neural Pathways

Mike Earley, market segment manager for Bioactive Small Molecules and Drugs for MilliporeSigma, discusses the needs neuroscientists have in the modulation and detection of the proteins they are studying, including the ability to understand both the function and the localization of the proteins and the targets. Mike explains that MilliporeSigma offers antibodies for neuroscience customers that allow them to detect proteins in a cell or in an animal, and bioactive small molecules that target protein function and modulate the way those functions behave. Further downstream, MilliporeSigma offers western blotting capabilities so neuroscience researchers can understand detection levels of proteins within cells. Selling products that are innovative and address a real customer need is what differentiates MilliporeSigma, according to Mike. For example, MilliporeSigma’s Prestige line of antibodies are the most highly validated antibodies in the industry. Prestige antibodies allow customers to generate data that is very reproducible, allowing them to further their research with confidence. MilliporeSigma is really committed to working together with customers to produce the products and solutions they need to be successful.