Discovering & Quantifying Neuroscience Biomarkers

Steven Suchyta, senior manager for business development at MilliporeSigma, discusses MilliporeSigma’s capabilities in supporting neuroscientists with neurological biomarkers. He discusses both Luminex-based, ELISA, and single molecule counting immunoassays. MilliporeSigma focuses on working with the neuroscientists on what biomarkers are important to them. Steve mentions several things that differentiate MilliporeSigma from other players in the market, including MilliporeSigma’s vast technical content, a broad variety of biomarker assays, and commitment to quality control. All of MilliporeSigma’s assays are completely validated, and the single molecule counting (SMC) platform is the most sensitive immunoassay on the market. With MilliporeSigma’s SMC platform, neuroscience researchers can detect the lowest levels of molecules of any technology available.