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MISSION® LentiPlex® Pooled shRNA Library Screening in Mammalian Cells

The MISSION LentiPlex Human shRNA Pooled Library is a genome-wide lentiviral pool produced using a proprietary process. The TRC 1.0 library consists of over 80,000 shRNA constructs from the TRC collection targeting 16,000+ human genes. The TRC Complete Library (1.0, 1.5, and 2.0) consists of 125,000+ clones and 20,000+ human genes (recommended)1. Each library is tested for shRNA representation before product release to ensure robust library coverage. The 1.0 and complete libraries are provided in a ready-to-use lentiviral format at titers of at least 5 x 108 TU/ml via p24 assay. The 1.0 library is pre-divided into ten subpools of approximately 8,000 shRNA constructs each. The complete library is pre-divided into 16 subpools spanning 6,000-8,000 shRNA constructs each. Amplification and sequencing primers are also provided for downstream target identification.

Previous studies established a synergistic antitumor activity of TRAIL when combined with Paclitaxel in A549 cells, a human lung carcinoma cell line2,3. In this study we demonstrate the application of a pooled LentiPlex shRNA library to rapidly conduct a positive selection screen for genes involved in the cytotoxicity of A549 cells when exposed to TRAIL and Paclitaxel. One barrier often encountered with high-throughput screens is the cost and difficulty in deconvolution; we also detail a cost-effective polyclonal approach utilizing traditional sequencing.

To learn more, read the Biofiles article on Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Screens to Identify Essential Cancer Pathways.

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