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TargeTron® Gene Knockout System Animation


The TargeTron Gene Knockout System provides optimized reagents and protocols for the rapid and specific disruption of bacterial genes by insertion of group II introns. Unlike conventional DNA transposon mutagenesis, the TargeTron system is site-specific, not random. Recent advances in group II intron research have enabled re-targeting of introns to insert efficiently into virtually any desired DNA target.1,2,3,4,5,6 Features of the TargeTron retrohoming mechanism make it attractive for genetic manipulation.

Group II introns insert themselves via the activity of an RNA-protein complex (RNP) expressed from a single plasmid provided in the kit. The RNA portion of the RNP is easily mutated to re-target insertion into a user-specified chromosomal gene. A somewhat accurate analogy is that group II introns are like programmable restriction enzymes, with the added activity of inserting RNA into a cleaved DNA sequence.