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Samplicity® G2 Filtration System

How to use the Samplicity® G2 system

Take the pain out of HPLC sample preparation with the Samplicity® G2 filtration system. The following video tutorial provides a step-by-step demonstration of how to use the Samplicity® G2 system and the time-saving benefits of adding this tool to your HPLC workflow.

Samplicity® G2 filtration system applications

The Samplicity® G2 filtration system is routinely utilized by scientists to reduce the time and manual force required by traditional filtration methods. The application notes below highlight the advantages of using the Samplicity® G2 filtration system in analytical sample preparation for a variety of applications, including dissolution testing, HPLC, and food and beverage quality control testing.

Filtering viscous or particle-laden samples

Manually filtering viscous samples by traditional methods is difficult due to the force required to drive the sample through the syringe filter. The Samplicity® G2 filtration system allows the user to filter multiple small volume samples using vacuum rather than manual force. To demonstrate the utility of the Samplicity® G2 system with viscous samples, our scientists measured the filtration time of several food and beverage samples with different viscosities. Read more about how the Samplicity® G2 filtration system performed with difficult-to-filter samples.

Fast sample filtration

When it comes to sample processing time, the Samplicity® G2 filtration system has proven benefits over manual syringe filtration methods. Read more about how the Samplicity® G2 filtration system can save you time in the lab.

Multisample, small volume filtration

Designed for the high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) workflow, the Samplicity® G2 filtration system allows for the simultaneous filtration of up to eight samples directly into HPLC vials while offering high sample retention. The addition of small volume inserts allows the Samplicity® system to be used with volumes as small as 100 µL. Read more about how the vacuum-driven Samplicity® system excels in multisample, small volume filtration.

Compatible with sensitive HPLC detectors

Produced with the same HPLC-certified materials as our Millex® syringe filters, the vacuum-based Samplicity® G2 filtration system allows users to filter several samples simultaneously while ensuring filtered samples are not contaminated with extractables. 

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