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EZ-Fluo Rapid Microbial Detection System

Detect contamination earlier

The EZ-Fluo system uses a non-destructive method to speed up detection of microbial contamination. Unlike many other rapid test systems, this method allows identification of microorganisms with the same sample, after they have been stained, using any standard ID technology.

  • Rapid results in one third of the time in comparison to traditional techniques
  • Flexible approach based on standard membrane filtration with reduced incubation time on media plate
  • Non-destructive method—compatible with any ID technique
  • Compact hardware, fits easily on any laboratory bench
  • Cost effective solution for routine use as well as investigation

EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Microbial Detection System

Release your products faster

Today, more and more QC laboratories are switching to rapid methods for the detection of microbial contamination to reduce the time to result. Traditional methods require several days to provide results and are therefore of limited value when it comes to releasing products to the market faster, or for conducting investigations quickly when necessary.


The EZ-Fluo system can rapidly detect and quantify microbial contamination in any filterable sample. Applications are numerous and include testing of the following sample types:

  • Raw materials
  • In-process samples
  • Final products

Support and Services

We provide a comprehensive range of support and services to help you save your QC resources and facilitate the implementation of your EZ-Fluo system into your daily testing routine. Our highly experienced service teams can assist you with the following activities:

  • Feasibility study and on-site evaluation
  • Method development and method development consultancy
  • Equipment installation
  • Operator training
  • On-site system qualification (IQ/OQ)
  • Yearly preventive maintenance
  • Service plan

For further information on our support and services offering please contact your local sales representative.

EZ-Fluo™ Spot Counter Software

The EZ-Fluo™ camera combined with the EZ-Fluo™ Spot Counter software makes the sample reading more convenient and allows you to track records for optimized microbiology QC labs. Download the software here.


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