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Steritest® Symbio Sterility Testing Pump & Accessories

Our sterility testing Steritest® Symbio pumps accompanied by our smart accessories are designed for ideal integration into any testing environment.

When used in combination with our closed membrane filtration devices and high quality culture media and rinsing fluids, this equipment offers an optimized and fully regulatory compliant testing process (USP <71>, EU Pharmacopoeia < 2.6.1> and JP Pharmacopoeia <4.06>).

Steritest® Symbio sterility testing pump

Whether you carry out your sterility testing in a cleanroom, isolator, or laminar flow hood, the Steritest® Symbio Pump ensures reproducibility, while streamlining your workflow.

Key advantages of the Steritest® Symbio pump

Reproducible test results

Steritest® Symbio sterility testing pumps safeguard your testing procedure, ensure test method reproducibility and help you save time. The test method mode displays your sterility test protocols in an easy step-by-step way, including customizable handling information.


  • Cleanroom-friendly hardware: air-tight housing and passive cooling prevent particle emission
  • Two pressure modes—including automatic pumping speed reduction—alert the operator to reduce the risk of test interruption and minimizing the stress on any microorganisms that may be present
  • Easy to clean and resistant to gas decontamination in isolators


  • Reduced pump height for easy access in laminar flow hoods
  • Compact pump frees working space and loading capacity in isolators
  • Compatible with vertical and horizontal air flows


  • The automatic pump head closure ensures quick and easy tube placement, as well as reliable splitting of the liquid sample
  • Precise timer function: small volumes are sampled with high accuracy


  • The ergonomic shape of the housing allows easy tube loading; no risk of pinching gloves and consequent test interruption
  • Adjustable bottle holder height and orientable display for perfect screen visibility

User friendly

  • Clear user interface displayed on a 11 cm (4.3 inch) color LCD screen
  • Choice of operating language (Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian or Turkish)
  • Test method library: store up to 250 filtration protocols and follow them step-by-step on the screen

Steritest® Symbio sterility test pumps are designed to fit your testing environment

Sterility test reproducibility with our software

The dedicated Steritest® Symbio software allows easy creation and management of test methods and simplified synchronization. Operators are given step-by-step assistance throughout the testing procedure.


Smart sterility testing accessories for your Steritest® Symbio pump

Sometimes it’s the little details that make a big difference. Our Steritest® Symbio Accessories are designed to facilitate your daily sterility testing work routine. To address your special requirements, accessories are available for a variety of different drug packaging configurations to speed up and streamline your workflow while maximizing safety, confidence and convenience.

Improve every step from sample handling to incubation

Complete sterility testing solutions for complete confidence

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