Cell type specific targeted intracellular delivery into muscle of a monoclonal antibody that binds myosin IIb.

Molecular immunology (2003-03-06)
Richard H Weisbart, Fusheng Yang, Grace Chan, Rika Wakelin, Kevin Ferreri, Debra J Zack, Brooke Harrison, Leslie A Leinwand, Greg M Cole

Methods for cell type specific targeted intracellular delivery of proteins in vivo remain limited. A murine monoclonal anti-dsDNA antibody, mAb 3E10, was selectively transported into skeletal muscle cells in vivo. The antibody bound a 200 kDa protein only found in lysates of skeletal muscle by Western blotting. The 200 kDa protein was purified from muscle lysate by antibody affinity chromatography and identified as the skeletal muscle specific heavy chain of myosin IIb by electrospray mass spectrometry. Antibody binding specificity for myosin IIb was demonstrated in Western blots by binding myosin in skeletal muscle lysates from mice null for myosin IId but not in mice null for myosin IIb. Myosin IIb is implicated in the specific targeting of mAb 3E10 to skeletal muscle.

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