Adsorption of dyes from aqueous solutions on activated charcoal.

Journal of hazardous materials (2006-07-20)
Muhammad J Iqbal, Muhammad N Ashiq

Adsorption of industrially important dyes namely bromophenol blue, alizarine red-S, methyl blue, methylene blue, eriochrome black-T, malachite green, phenol red and methyl violet from aqueous media on activated charcoal has been investigated. The effect of shaking time, pH and temperature on the adsorption behaviour of these dyes has been studied. It was noted that adsorption of all the dyes on activated charcoal decreases with an increase in the pH and the temperature. The adsorption isotherms at different temperatures were found to be of L-type. Adsorption data was fitted to Freundlich, BET and Langmuir isotherms and various adsorption parameters have been calculated. The thermodynamic parameters such as DeltaG, DeltaH and DeltaS were calculated from the slopes and intercepts of the linear variation of lnK against 1/T, where K is the adsorption coefficient obtained from Langmuir equation, was used. The calculated values for the heat of adsorption and the free energy indicate that adsorption of dyes is favored at low temperatures and the dyes are chemisorbed on activated charcoal.

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