Synthesis of methyl 4'-O-methyl-beta-D-cellobioside-13C12 from D-glucose-13C6. Part 2: solid-state NMR studies.

Carbohydrate research (2006-12-06)
Frank Malz, Yuko Yoneda, Toshinari Kawada, Kurt Mereiter, Paul Kosma, Thomas Rosenau, Christian Jäger

Double Quantum (DQ) NMR, which utilizes the magnetic dipole interaction between the (13)C atoms, was used for the complete assignment of the (13)C NMR resonances to the corresponding carbon ring positions for the monoclinic and triclinic allomorphs of methyl 4'-O-methyl-beta-D-cellobioside-(13)C(12)(1-(13)C(12)), a cellodextrin model compound of cellulose (13)C-perlabeled at the cellobiose core. The through-space interactions were used to identify the direct chemical bonds between adjacent carbon atoms in the rings. More importantly, the (13)C NMR signals of the carbon sites C1' and C4 involved in the glycosidic bond were identified. This allowed for the complete (13)C chemical shift assignment, that when combined with the X-ray crystallography data provides a complete characterization.

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D-Glucose-13C6, ≥99 atom % 13C, ≥99% (CP)