Specialty & Smart Polymers

Plastic chain made from specialty polymer called thermoset used in high structural strength applications.

Specialty and smart polymer materials are suitable for engineering processes with exceptional mechanical properties, such as stiffness, toughness, tensile strength, and low creep. These polymers are ideal for structural applications such as gears, auto parts, the outer covering of electronic devices, and high-strength composites. For that, explore our thermosets, thermoplastics and 3D printing filaments. 

Thermosetting Polymers

Our thermosetting polymers, or thermosets, can be irreversibly hardened by curing and molding into the final shape. For these applications, we offer: 

  • Amide aromatic resins
  • Bisphenol A polymers and epoxy prepolymer resins
  • Formaldehyde copolymers and epoxies
  • Photo-curable resins

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Thermoplastic Polymers

Thermoplastic polymers have other unique properties, such as thermal processability allowing them to be reshaped at elevated temperatures. They are commonly used injection molding and extrusion. Thermoplastic polymers are also used to reinforce anisotropic composite materials that function as artificial muscles, or actuators, that reversibly contract, expand or rotate through external stimuli. Examples include:

  • Polyurethanes and urethane precursors
  • Waxes and oils
  • Poly(phenylene oxide) thermoplastic resins
  • Polysulfones

3D Printing Polymer Filaments

We provide a wide selection of 3D printing polymer filaments to accommodate your additive manufacturing applications. Fabricated for all types of 3D printing technologies, our polymers allow for quick printing, minimal nozzle clogging, and low warping for the rapid design, prototyping and manufacturing of your end products.

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