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SnapFast™ Vectors for Cloning & Expression

Traditional cloning by restriction enzyme digestion remains the most popular way to insert your gene-of-interest (GOI) into an expression vector for expression in the target cell, whether that is an insect, mammalian, or microbial cell. With good planning, this cloning method is easy, reliable, and cost-conscious. However, choice of vector can dramatically affect your experiment in a number of ways.

What is important to your work?

  • Sequence verification - so you know your vector is perfect when you recieve it
  • Optimal expression levels - from low to high, we have a promoter for every need
  • Reporters you can use - you choose the detection method you want
  • IP-friendly terms - you make a new vector or expressed product & it is yours to keep

We are committed to bringing you the most options in vector selection - the SnapFast™ collection engineered by Oxford Genetics. This collection gives you options for:

  • Insect, Yeast, Bacterial & Mammalian Expression Systems
  • 26 peptide tags
  • NEW options with FLAG™ and 3xFLAG™ tags
  • 9 reporter genes
  • >20 signal peptides
  • >40 promoters
  • 10 selection markers


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