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IROA TruQuant Yeast Extract Workflow Kit

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TruQuant IQQ is a high-quality quantitation system for making simultaneous accurate biological measurements on several hundred biochemicals in small quantities of biological samples. This is achieved by (1) spiking a complex Internal Standard (WORKFLOW-A) into a biological sample to a) quantify all the biochemicals in the sample relative to their counterparts in the Internal Standard, b) suppression-correct each compound and c) normalize sample to sample variances; and (2) injecting the same well characterized Long-Term Reference Standard (WORKFLOW-B) to create a daily retention time (RT) library of all compounds to be found in the Internal Standard for reproducible ID, and to measure day-to-day (QA/QC) to assure reproducible instrument performance. The system is completely automated using IROA ClusterFinder software.

IROA TruQuant IQQ Workflow Kit contains the materials and tools for the analysis of 90 experimental samples. The kit is intended to be used for mass spectrometry metabolomics applications.

Features and Benefits

Identification: Confidence in identifying common and new metabolites
Quantification: Comprehensive correction of analytical and biological variability for all analytes
Quality Control: Convenient and automated tools for assuring reproducibility within/across studies

  • Simultaneous metabolite identification, quantitation and platform QC
  • Accurate compound formula ID for MS alone; complete ID with addition of SWATH, or IM
  • IROA patterns discriminate peaks of biological origin from artefactual peaks allowing the removal of false data
  • IROA-based fragments have the IROA ratio pattern of their parent peaks and can be identified as such using the “peak correlation” ClusterFinder module
  • Retention Index within the sample allows “unknowns” to be tracked with precision
  • Suppression-corrected measurements for significantly better quantitation
  • Normalizes (suppression-corrected) experimental samples to overcome day-to-day, instrument-to-instrument variances
  • ClusterFinder software solution builds libraries, IDs/quantitates compounds and normalizes data
  • Ensures high level QC for accurate and reproducible results

Other Notes

ClusterFinder software package is distributed with and is tailored to work with the IROA TruQuant IQQ kit. A user manual and video instructions are provided.
To download the software package, click here - ClusterFinder software.
Link to the ClusterFinder Videos below:
To access the MS Calculator Cascade Spreadsheet, follow the link below:
MS Calculator

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ClusterFinder is a trademark of IROA Technologies LLC

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