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Small Molecule Contract Services: Testing & Manufacturing

Handling and dissolution of HPAPI in glove box by operator

Small Molecule synthesis, from preclinical to commercial quantities

With Millipore® CTDMO Services we support small molecule API synthesis projects from milligram to commercial quantities. We are the partner to address the most difficult challenges, whether the target is difficult to handle, synthesize, or source. With a true consultative and partnered approach, our services reduce complexity and minimize program risk in a cost-effective manner.

Clients can speed up drug development by partnering with us on any of the following types of programs: HPAPIs, APIs, Next-Generation Conjugates, Linker-Payloads, PEGs, or Targeted Protein Degradation.

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Our Track Record


World's largest single-digit nanogram OEL CTDMO provider


Years of experience in small molecule development and production


Small molecule modality targets


Square foot HPAPI expansion in Verona, WI


New large scale API production lines opening in Europe

Your Drug Journey


From conceptualization to the first GMP batch, our project teams work in close collaboration with our client’s scientists to ensure their vision becomes a reality.

Our Offering

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIS

With decades of experience across a variety of chemistries and therapeutic indications, we are the team for custom API synthesis. From early development to commercial supply, our global network of development and manufacturing facilities is ready to support our clients’ programs. With Millipore® CTDMO Services we offer:

  • Global geographic reach, with development and manufacturing resources in both North America and Europe
  • Batch size scalability, from gram scale up to metric ton quantities
  • Secondary supply capabilities within our own organization for business continuity planning and risk reduction
  • Robust support services, including large scale hydrogenation, cryogenic reactions, and non-GMP continuous flow manufacturing
  • Strong quality and regulatory support from pre-clinical to commercial programs

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Global FootPrint

A Global Footprint

We are a single organization with a global network to deliver CDMO services across all stages of the molecule value chain.

Darmstadt, Germany
Darmstadt, Germany

Commercialization for large scale API production and portfolio lipids. Continued investment to expand our global network of API production facilities offers immediate development and manufacturing capacity..

Schaffhausen, CH
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Development, manufacturing and launch site for lipids, functionalized polyethylene glycols (PEGs), and APIs.

Handling and dissolution of HPAPI in glove box by operator
Madison & Verona, United States

Our API and HPAPI manufacturing sites are SafeBridge certified. Continued investment and expansion in these facilities build upon our decades of high potency expertise and makes us one of the largest single-digit nanogram OEL CTDMO providers in the world.

Scientist at drawing board
St. Louis, United States

Our ADC & Bioconjugation Center of Excellence offers ADC and Bioconjugation capabilities from pre-clinical development to commercial manufacturing.

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