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Bulk Powder Transfer Bags

We partnered with ILC Dover, the manufacturer of the EZ BioPac® powder transfer bag, and combined it with our Right Sized Weighing technology to bring you the simplest and easiest solution for powder transfer.

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Industry-leading transfer bag design

  • Unique bag design eliminates risk of spillage, paired with compatible outer container and tested to ensure safe transport
  • Amorflex® 114 film with antistatic properties patented by ILC Dover ensures 99.9% product delivery – no rinsing required
  • Dust free transfer process includes several options for connection to hydration vessels: flange-gasket, non-gasketed, or stretch fit
  • Ergonomic design for easy lifting, with purse handle design for smaller bags or lifting loops for larger bags

Right Sized Weighing technology

  • Target weights up to 100 kg, optimized for your unit operation
  • Each unit precisely filled to +/- 0.5% of target weight, with net weight printed on each container
  • Detailed batch report for each product lot lists the tare, gross, and net weight of the numbered container

An intuitive approach to bulk powder handling

Imagine saving time and money by removing weigh operations at your site. The benefits to your operator include removal of risks brought on by repetitive motion, exposure to dust, and managing over-sized powder containers. The benefits to your process? A more sanitary operation overall, easier clean and turn time for hydration equipment, and a lower environmental bioburden risk due to area over-dusting. Together, these benefits can add up to overall time and money savings – let us show you more.

Flowchart illustrating potential to streamline bulk powder handling with EZ BioPac® powder transfer bags

EZ BioPac® versus conventional bulk powder handling

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