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Navigate Invoices with Ease

June 3, 2024

The invoice center is a resource for ordering customers to find invoices quickly and easily in a central location. Users can now find and download their online order invoices, all within a single view.

The new experience provides a simple, easy to navigate view and greater transparency into overall invoice status.

Self service made simple. Invoice Center.

Order Lookup Link
View of Order Lookup form

For additional information, access the full article.

Easily Track Your Orders - Order Look Up Now Available

May 17, 2024

We are excited to announce the release of Order Lookup!

This new feature allows users to easily access and track their orders by simply entering in their order number and, postal code.

Order Lookup Link
View of Order Lookup form

 To find out more about this new feature, read the full article. 

Enhanced Pricing and Availability Views Available in Search

April 08, 2024

The new pricing and availability experience extends the product selection view from the product pages onto the search results. Simpler and easier to read, this update enables you to seamlessly navigate available products and access essential information.

 Modal View of the enhanced Pricing & Availability view in Search showing a simpler view of the product details

Explore more details about the enhanced Pricing & Availability view.

Simplify your order scheduling with Standing Orders

March 25, 2024

Submitting multiple orders for a single product is a thing of the past. 

We’ve made it faster and easier than ever to build orders, split quantities, and schedule shipments. Introducing standing orders, a one-and-done order management feature.

The create standing order button in the checkout process.
The create standing order process to adjust quantities and add shipments.

Create your standing order request within checkout. For more information and detailed instructions, view the full post.

Introducing Our Revamped Pricing and Availability Section: A Modern Shopping Experience!

February 3, 2024

At Merck, we're committed to enhancing your shopping experience, and we're thrilled to unveil our newly transformed Pricing and Availability (P&A) section, now seamlessly integrated into our Product Detail Page (PDP). We've given it a fresh, contemporary look that not only streamlines the information but also offers a more intuitive and efficient way to explore our products.

With the Chip-Based SKU Selection option you can more easily find the right product. When clicking, you can navigate through the different offerings
You can select how many units you want to order. This section has been optimized to make adjustments quicker and easier
Information about availability and shipping time

Easily Communicate Order Status With Your Team Using the Share Order Feature

November 1, 2023 has updated the order export feature to now include expanded order details. Easily analyze your order history and save valuable time with this new tool. Access it in the orders view of your account.

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Share order screenshot
Share order details screenshot

Shop, Share, and Collaborate with Shared Lists

August 10, 2023

Learn how shared lists, an enhanced site feature, can make it faster and easier than ever to save products, build orders, and collaborate with colleagues. Simplify the collaborative ordering process today.

Add to list Icon
Account Menu Dropdown
Invitation Panel

Search Adds Quick View for Quicker Ordering

August 10, 2023

Learn how quick view in search can help you save time when you’re looking to place an order. You can now add products directly to your cart by simply searching for your SKU, all without visiting a product detail page. 

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Quick view of product information from the search bar

Where to Find Your Recent Purchases in Search

August 10, 2023

Search isn’t just for finding new products; you can now find your recently purchased products via the search header, too. Just click or tap in the search header and you’ll see your purchased products listed there.  Find out more today.

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Millipore Sigma search header

Two Easy Ways to Repurchase Items

August 10, 2023

If you’re purchasing and repurchasing the same products and materials over and over, you can now quickly and efficiently place these orders. There are two places where these processes have been streamlined. 

Account menu with the link to buy it again
Order center menu used to access the list of buy it again products on the users account.
Location of the repurchase buttons on the order detail page

Re-Order with Confidence Thanks to Previous Purchase Banners

August 10, 2023

If you’re purchasing and repurchasing the same products and materials over and over, you can now quickly and efficiently place these orders.  There are two places where these processes have been streamlined. Find out more today. 

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Screenshot of Millipore Sigma product detail page showing previous purchase banner
Screenshot of Millipore Sigma product quick view showing previous purchase banner

Know the Status of Your Quote at a Glance

August 10, 2023

Trying to find out the status of your quote? Look for the green dot. Quotes that are still open and active will have this designation. Find out more today.

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View of the quote list page with recent quote and all quotes tabs
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