Enter the New Era of Media Preparation

Dispense up to 100 L of preheated, sterile & ISO compliant culture media with this bag and our new ReadyStream® System!


The revolutionary new ReadyStream® system prepares and dispenses up to 100 liters of pre-heated culture media on demand, when and where you need it, at the push of a button.
We came up with this true innovation to save you time, energy, space, and resources after assessing the pains you have with current media preparation procedures.

With the ReadyStream®system:

  • No handling of dehydrated media
  • No autoclaving
  • No media kitchen needed
  • No bottles, no washing
  • Small footprint
  • Less variability of media quality
  • Media readily heated for use
  • Up to 100 L of ready-to-use culture media, and nothing you can’t carry

The ReadyStream® system reinvents media preparation and dispensing, the core principle is that the ReadyStream® system dilutes concentrated media with sterile water. This has huge advantages.

The main advantages of the ReadyStream® system

Scientist holding a ReadyStream media bag

Easy to Store and Carry Media Bags

600 L of media you can easily carry. Save space in your storage area and lab. The conveniently flat ReadyStream® media bags, shipped containing the dry granulated media, are easy to store and carry—the biggest one for up to 100 liters of media weighs less than 3 kg. Even after adding water to create the 10x concentrate, this bag still weighs less than 13 kg.

    ReadyStream system

    The ReadyStream® system offers on-demand, concentrated media that gets diluted with sterile water to the correct concentration and dispense media into your sample bag.

    A 3-liter ReadyStream® media bag lets you dispense up to 30 liters of culture media and a 10-liter bag up to 100 liters. The 10x concentrated media can be maintained for up to 5 days.

      ReadyStream Autoclave

      To create the concentrate, the water is sterilized by the ReadyStream® filter set before entering the ReadyStream® media bag containing the irradiated and ISO-compliant GranuCult® dehydrated culture media. After this step, which takes 20 minutes, the concentrate will allow you to prepare up to 100 liters of media on demand.

        ReadyStream Preheater

        Any time you need the ReadyStream® system dispenses pre-heated culture media at a preset temperature of between 30 and 42 °C and a volume of between 90 to 9999 mL.

          Convenient Integration Into Your Existing Lab Setup

          Scientist using connected ReadyStream® system

          Connect the ReadyStream® system to any dilutor through an intermediate bottle serving as media reservoir. This allows multiple setups for greater flexibility, e.g. transportation of the bottle within the lab and connection to multiple dilutors. Also, it can facilitate the addition of supplements.

          Watch the Webinar on the ReadyStream® System

          Watch our on-demand webinar on ReadyStream® system, which showcases the live demo of the system and how to use it. Also, see our experts answer some of the questions raised in the session. However, you can still share your questions just register to our platform to get access to the webinar and simply submit your questions. 

          Discover our ReadyStream® system

          We’d be more than happy to give you further information about the ReadyStream® system or to bring it into your lab for a demo. Simply fill out and submit the form below.

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