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ReCycler™ Solvent Systems

The ReCycler™ service provides a safe and reliable way for our clients to keep the solvents they need readily available. We bring the products to you, then take away and reuse the containers when they are emptied. On the surface, it seems like such a simple process, but looking deeper, our bulk solvent delivery service has benefits that help your business in more ways than you might think.


Recycler Solvent

ReCycler™ Bulk Solvent Delivery Systems reduce packaging waste, eliminates hazardous disposal costs and no rinsing of bottles reduces water consumption. Labs will be more environmentally friendly. We have embedded​ sustainability even more firmly​ by making it an essential part​ of our strategy. We use our core strengths​ in science and technology to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Using our bulk solvent delivery service offers another way your company can reduce its carbon footprint. We do this by reusing the bulk solvent containers we deliver. This reduces the waste and cost of the disposal of smaller containers that would end up in a landfill or disposal facility.


53% reduction in packaging-to-product weight ratio 1

Emissions & Energy

69% Reduction in life cycle greenhouse gas emissions1
77% reduction in life cycle energy demand1

Packaging & Distribution

46% Increase in cube utilization1,2 WASTE 99% Reduction in mass of packaging solid waste 1

1. Compared to EMD Millipore’s product delivery system using 4 litter glass bottles
2. Based on (4) 200L ReCyclerTM containers per pallet vs. (108) 4L glass bottles per pallet


MilliporeSigma ReCycler™ program is supported by dedicated team of experts which supplies advance level service to manage your custom returnable fleets. We offer various size containers to meet your needs and deliver them to your doorstep.

Solvents and reagents in returnable containers can be supplied in container sizes from 18L to 1,250L. A wide variety of solvents and solvent blends are available, or we can design a fleet to fit your needs with customized solvent blends and flexible delivery.

  • On Time shipment
  • Fleet Management
  • Quality you can depend on
  • Business Reviews
  • Traceability


Returnable Stainless-Steel ReCycler™ Pressure Dispensing Containers.

  • Team of specialists to manage your requirements
  • Assigned fleets for customers bought through the ReCycler™ program
  • Stainless Steel containers protect the integrity of the quality of each chemical to meet your stringent requirements.
  • Connected containers can be customized by you to deliver chemicals directly to your instrumentation with accurate flow rates for your application.
  • Multiple sizes available ranging from 18L-1250L to accommodate your specific site requirements

NOWPak® II Containers

A unique packaging system specially designed for high purity solvents, mobile phase blends and DNA Reagents. NOWPak® II containers consist of a pre-cleaned, particle-free, virgin PTFE/PFA bladder inside a reusable Stainless Steel shell.

  • Available in 20L & 40L size
  • Sturdy 304 Stainless Steel overpack
  • For applications requiring continuous pressure not to exceed 15psi, such as DNA and peptide synthesizers
  • Double contaminant design safely contains high vapor pressure solvents like pentane and dichloromethane

The Recycler offering

Want to know how to get started

Contact us for more information to set up your customized and dedicated fleet of solvents or reagents.

  • Calculate estimated solvent usage for your business on a monthly/quarterly or annual basis and we will customize a Recycler® fleet to match your demand and site requirements.
  • Our team of experts are available to answer questions and tailor the ReCycler™ program, for you. Contact us at

How it Works

Estimate Solvent Usage & Receive First Shipment

Estimate your solvent usage

    Notify your Account Representative

    Notify your Account Representative

      Receive a Full Tank from your ReCycler™ Fleet

      Receive a full tank from your ReCyclerTM fleet.

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