Journal of Asian natural products research

Immunomodulatory effects of cinobufagin isolated from Chan Su on activation and cytokines secretion of immunocyte in vitro.

PMID 21534035


The objective of this study was to evaluate the immunomodulatory effects of cinobufagin (CBG) isolated from Chan Su (Venenum Bufonis) in vitro. In this paper, our results show that CBG significantly stimulated cell proliferation of splenocytes and peritoneal macrophages (PMΦ) and markedly enhanced the phagocytic activation of PMΦ. CBG also significantly increased CD4(+)CD8(+) double-positive T-cell populations and the percentage of S-phase cells of splenic lymphocytes. The levels of several Th1 cytokines, including interferon-γ and tumor necrosis factor-α, are significantly increased after CBG treatment, whereas the levels of the Th2 cytokine interleukin-4 and interleukin-10 are significantly decreased. As a result, the ratio of Th1/Th2 also increased. Taken together, these results indicated that CBG had potential immune system regulatory effects and suggested that this compound could be developed as a novel immunotherapeutic agent to treat immune-mediated diseases such as cancer.