Molecular biology reports

RNA-binding protein Rbm47 binds to Nanog in mouse embryonic stem cells.

PMID 23649762


Embryonic stem cells (ES cells) are pluripotent cells capable for self-renewal and to differentiate to all cell types. Finding the molecular mechanisms responsible for these unique characteristics of ES cells is important. RNA-binding proteins play important roles in post-transcriptional gene regulation by binding to specific mRNA targets. In this study, we investigated the targets of RNA-binding protein Rbm47 in mouse ES cells. Overexpression of HA epitope-tagged Rbm47 in mouse ES cells followed by RNA-binding protein immunoprecipitation, and then RT-PCR analysis of co-immunoprecipitated RNA showed that Rbm47 binds to Nanog transcript in mouse ES cells and doesn't bind to Sox2 and Oct4 transcripts in these cells. This finding can give rise to reveal molecular mechanisms underlying pluripotency and stemness of ES cells and will be necessary for efficient application of these cells in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.