Journal of Asian natural products research

A natural product, resveratrol, protects against high-glucose-induced developmental damage in chicken embryo.

PMID 26053125


Resveratrol, a famous plant-derived polyphenolic phytoalexin, has been considered to play physiological roles such as antioxidative, neuroprotective, and anticancer effects in adults. However, its antioxidative activity and neuroprotective effect were seldom discussed in the embryonic system. In this study, the effect of resveratrol on chicken embryo development under high glucose and its underlying mechanism of resveratrol were investigated. High glucose administrated to chicken embryo at embryonic Day 1 induced stillbirth, growth retardation, and impaired blood vessel development on yolk sac. However, resveratrol supplementation before glucose exposure showed significant effect on decreasing the death rate, developmental damage, and vessel injury. In addition, oxidative stress was caused by high-glucose exposure, and resveratrol could rescue this high-glucose-induced oxidative stress. Moreover, the neural developmental marker paired box 3 was significantly decreased by high glucose and recovered by resveratrol. Cell cycle-regulated gene expression was also intervened by resveratrol. This study had found an association between resveratrol and hyperglycemia-induced embryonic damage, which suggested a potential protective effect of resveratrol on gestational diabetes.