Cellular analysis is used to evaluate and measure cell number, cell state, cell health and viability, proliferation, and chemical and cell-mediated toxicity. Cell-based assays provide a wealth of information in basic research, drug discovery and development, and clinical applications. Numerous assays and techniques are used in cellular analysis.

Cell-Based Assays
Cell-Based Assays

Cellular assays, or cell-based assays, are essential tools for measuring cell health, viability, proliferation, migration, invasion, chemotaxis, apoptosis, angiogenesis, oxidative stress, cell signaling and live cell analysis.

Cell Counting & Health Analysis
Cell Counting & Health Analysis

Techniques for counting cells and monitoring cell health and viability in culture, including calorimetric and fluorescent cell viability and proliferation assays. Methods for manual or automated cell counting include Coulter devices. 

Imaging Analysis & Live Cell Imaging
Imaging Analysis & Live Cell Imaging

An overview of current tools and reagents for live cell imaging and analysis with applications in cell trafficking, cell health, gene expression analysis, cell migration, 3D cell culture, cytoskeletal dynamics and more.

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